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Here's a book with more information related to each article.
popcorn recipe bookPopcorn
by Patrick Evans-Hylton with Lara Ferroni (Photographer)

Popcorn is the great American munchie, and it deserves the creative gourmet treatment to rescue it from the pre-packaged microwave chemistry experiments available at every grocery store. This book offers up nearly 70 tantalizing recipes-both savory and sweet-to ensure that popcorn is never boring again. Try tart and piquant Lemon-Pepper Popcorn or Classic Barbecue, or even Gorgonzola and Green Onion for something completely different. On the sweet side, the offerings include Hawaiian Luau (featuring coconut and white chocolate), Popcorn S'mores, and Bananas Foster (the popcorn version). Patrick Evans-Hylton also shows how to use popcorn as an ingredient in main course dishes such as Popcorn Shrimp and Fish Fry with Seasoned Popcorn which use popped popcorn as a coating ingredient. And the Chesapeake Crab Cakes are stunningly delicious!
101 things to do with popcorn101 Things to do with Popcorn
by Christina Dymock

The world's favorite snack just got tastier! These sweet and savory treats will turn this old-fashioned staple into Snickerdoodle Popcorn, Pumpkin Balls, Caramel Nut Bars, Sleepover Mix, Taco Spice, and A Taste of Asia. And for a popper of a surprise, give CinnaPop Cake, Popcorn Brownies, Rooster Snacks, Chicken Nuggets, and Swedish Meatballs a try.

A Taste of FunnyA Taste of Funny
by Marjorie Dorfman

Humorous and well-researched articles presented on a platter of anecdotal material about your favorite foods and drinks. Learn about the tomato and why it was originally thought to be poisonous and understand why some bottled water may be hazardous to your health. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, it is sometimes said, but in the case of A Taste of Funny, it can only make you look at the culinary cosmos with a new and more discerning eye.

2011 electric car guideThe 2011 Electric Car Guide: Discover the truth about owning and using electric cars
by Michael Boxwell

The 2011 Electric Car Guide is the most detailed and comprehensive book on electric car ownership available today. Written by best-selling author Michael Boxwell, these books are based on many years of practical experience in using battery powered cars on a day-to-day basis. If you're new to electric cars, you've undoubtedly got lots of questions about them. Are they really environmentally friendly? What are they like to drive? Are they practical enough to be a realistic alternative? And what happens if they run out of range? Superbly researched and clearly written, this book will explain exactly what it is like to own and use an electric car whether you have a particular model in mind, or if you are just interested in finding out more about them in general.

electric vehicle EV
Electric Vehicle EV: The Second Coming: What you need to know to "Go Green & Go Electric".
by Dr Y Ev

This book is full of insights about the EV, converting a gas car to electric, EV options and alternative energy. There is lots of information about "how clean" EV energy sources really are and the choices the reader can make. The author addresses "range anxiety", revenge of the EV, The EV Act and new jobs opportunity such as the "Ev-Electrician". Besides the step by step conversion process, the book offers practical tips for energy conservation and DIY guide for building a solar panel. A comprehensive glossary of terms and very useful resources directory/links are provided in closing. Overall a simple, basic but well written book/guide that can be of great benefits to someone who thought about going green and electric but needed the necessary information and nudge to take the leap.

15 holiday weight loss tips15 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Digital Mind Food (Kindle edition)

At no other time during the year are we are more prone to put on extra weight than during the holiday season. In this all new, best-selling e-book, you will learn how to keep weight gain away from your waist-line during these tempting times.

stop overeating todayStop Overeating Today!
Camille McConnell (Author), Jessica Kojabashian (Editor)

An active, personalized tool instead of just another book to collect dust on the shelf. Written by a life coach with eating disorder recovery mentoring experience, Stop Overeating Today! is intuitive and empathetic. In fact, the author used these proven tips to fight and conquer her own addiction to overeating. Only two minutes each day will deliver meaningful results. Make this book your resource to achieve a life of healthy balance and never look back on those days when self-mastery was just a dream.

the end of overeatingThe End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite
by David Kessler, MD

This book does a wonderful job educating the reader. You begin to read labels in a new way and ask yourself questions like, "why would this product have so much sugar salt AND fat in it, it's just plain spaghetti sauce?!" If you are a chronic dieter, you stop looking at just fat grams and calories and start READING the whole label. Informative and well written; the style is very easy to read and understand without feeling talked down to. If you ever wondered why we are in the state we are in as a nation of consumers, you will enjoy the education you will get from this book.

from review by Natasha Stryker

macys thanksgiving day paradeMacy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

by Robert M. Grippo and
Christopher Hoskins

While there are many parades held on Thanksgiving Day, the Macy's Parade is the grand-daddy of them all. Spectacular floats, magnificent marching bands and the biggest and best balloons in the world! The photographs are an amazing collection, many seen here for the very first time — dating back to the very first balloon, Felix The Cat. This is truly the "almanac" of the Macy Parade, and no parade lover should be without a copy! Written by two true Macy Parade fans, it is informative and entertaining. It is a "must have" keepsake of the greatest parade of all.

From Head To ToeFrom Head to Toe:
Bound Feet, Bathing Suits, and Other Bizarre and Beautiful Things

by Janice Weaver, Francis Blake

This cross-cultural exploration of fashion is engaging and enthralling. It is a fascinating account of the place of clothes and assorted adornments down through the ages. The animated writing style and interesting contents make this book ripe for recreational reading as well as a good source for reports. By placing fashion within its broader cultural context, the author shows readers that people all over the world and through all time have used fashion to describe who they are.

Handmade CardsThe Big Book Of Handmade Cards and Giftwrap
Over 50 Step-by-Step Projects

by Vivienne Bolton

For any crafter seeking new ways to create personal, one-of-a-kind cards and gift wrap, this guide will show them to make gift bags & pouches, and to decorate envelopes to coordinate with the finished card. Many new projects and designs for readers to create as well as ways to incorporate a multitude of materials. With straightforward instruction perfect for beginners, and a wealth of different techniques to appeal to crafters at an advanced level, this exciting guide will capture the attention of every reader who likes to create.

Shoes: A History From Sandals to SneakersShoes: A History From Sandals to Sneakers

by Giorgio Riello (Editor), Peter McNeil (Editor)

If you have ever wondered why women are forever in search of, consumed by, in love with, transformed by 'The Perfect Shoe': wonder no longer. Simply read this history of shoes. Anyone who has ever shopped for a pair of shoes–especially anyone who does so with a passion–knows that shoes are much more than functional objects. From the sneaker to the stiletto, shoes have become potent signifiers of gender, class, personality, taste, and even politics. This lavishly illustrated work recounts the history of shoes with entertaining essays that cover everything from the eroticism of ancient shoe lacing, medieval fears about long-toed shoes, and the role of shoes in religious ritual to the infamous Chopine with a 23-inch heel and the modern cult of shoe designers. With 170 color photos and 30 black and white illustrations, the essays will entertain and inform casual shoe shoppers and fashionistas alike.


by Caroline Cox

A highly charged symbol, the stiletto suggests a multitude of contradictions - it can be elegant, vulgar, submissive, aggressive, subversive, conventional. The stiletto is phallic but supremely female, it makes the wearer at once vulnerable and in control. Six decades have seen the stiletto in vogue around the world. This exciting new book by an international fashion authority presents the story of the stiletto for the first time, illustrated with new and vintage photography to explore the stiletto’s long relationship with sex, power femininity, fashion, and fetishism.

Praise of MothersA Special Collection in Praise of Mothers

by Helen Exley

A collection of the very best writing in praise of mothers from authors including: D.H. Lawrence, Louisa May Alcott and Maya Angelou, complemented by the paintings of artists such as Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and Pierre Auguste Renoir. A fine and beautiful tribute to mothers.

Our Eight Nights of HanukkahOur Eight Nights of Hanukkah

by Michael J. Rosen

Written from a child's perspective, and illustrated by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan, this story of one family's festivities shows young readers that acceptance and love are tremendously important elements of Hanukkah. Warm, cozy, and instructive, it's a treasure.

Mother KnowsMother Knows: 24 Tales of Motherhood

by Susan Burmeister-Brown, Linda B. Swanson-Davies

A thoughtful and powerful exploration of the most mysterious bond in life, the stories demonstrate that motherhood is more than toilet training and tantrum control, as they portray the full, fierce, joyous, and frightening range of experience that marks this state of being.

What's Uner There?I Wonder What's Under There?:
A Brief History of Underwear

by Deborah Nourse Lattimore

This book covers the history of underwear from the toga days days of Julius Ceasar to current times. Accurate, informative and tastefully done, this book is a must have for history buffs (forgive the pun). Great fun for kids!

Deduct It!
Deduct It!
Lower Your Small Business Taxes

by Stephen Fishman

From start-up to success, you need to Deduct It! Let this book show you how to maximize the business deductions you're entitled to – quickly, easily and legally. Comprehensive yet easy to read with many interesting and relevant examples, it is organized into practical categories featuring common deductions. The 2nd edition is completely updated with all the latest tax information and numbers for 2006.

Minding Her Own Business
Minding Her Own Business:
The Self-Employed Woman’s Essential Guide to Taxes and Financial Records

by Jan Zobel

Jan Zobel is an enrolled agent with the IRS and has prepared over 6,000 tax returns. Her book draws upon her experience to help people new to small business get a basic understanding of recordkeeping, accounting, and taxation issues. How to make your quarterly estimated tax payments, what expenses are deductible, how to minimize the chances of an audit; this book has excellent chapters.

The Very Special ValentineThe Very Special Valentine

by Maggie Kneen, Christine Tagg

One of the sweetest, most beautifully illustrated books ever. The message is about love and nature being better gifts than material items. Bunny Gray wants to find a special valentine for his friend, Rosie. On each page, there is a flap to lift. Each flap has cutouts with metallic foil insets, which appears to be some sort of precious gem which Bunny Gray thinks might make a good gift for Rosie. When the flap is lifted, you see that the shiny objects are actually something lovely from nature.

Courtship, Valentine's DayCourtship, Valentine's Day, 1918: Three Plays from the Orphans' Home Cycle

by Horton Foote

Foote's disappearance from the Hollywood establishment after his 1963 Oscar for the screenplay of To Kill a Mockingbird, marks the start of work on his cycle of nine plays called The Orphan's Home. These plays are set in small town Texas between the turn of the century and 1928. The three plays anthologized here are the sixth, seventh, and eighth in the cycle.

A Kwanza KeepsakeA Kwanza Keepsake

by Jessica Harris

A comprehensive guidebook on this African and African-American feast. Prefaced by a history of the seven principles of Kwanzaa, the text comments on practical ways to enhance each phase of the celebration and offers concrete descriptions of rituals associated with each one.

Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & MontanaWhat To Name Your Baby NowBeyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana:
What To Name Your Baby Now

by Linda Rosenkrantz, Pamela Redmond Satran

As Sigmund Freud once said, "A human being's name is a principal component in her person, perhaps a piece of his soul." In this book, name experts Satran and Rosenkrantz provide a thorough history of American naming traditions, discuss the psychological and sociological impact of names, and, yes, include many lists of possibilities organized into categories. Annotated with humorous notes, descriptions, quotes, and name-derivation definitions, the book is a fun and fascinating read even for those not debating between Gravity and Jane or Mason and Hendrick.

MASKS: Faces of CultureMASKS: Faces of Culture

by Cara McCarthy, John Emigh, John Nunley, Lesley Ferris

Companion to an exhibition at the Saint Louis Art Museum, this volume is exactly what it claims to be: a survey of the phenomenon of masks. Starting with prehistory and extending to the present age Star Wars characters, this book thoroughly examines the many reasons for making and wearing masks. Stunning illustrations.

Sari to Sarong:Sari to Sarong:
Five Hundred Years of Indian and Indonesian Textile Exchange

by Robyn Maxwell

This book brings together some of the greatest surviving examples of traditional Indian and Indonesian textiles to demonstrate the remarkable exchanges of ideas, materials, designs, and imagery–royal and religious–between the two great cultures of India and Indonesia over the last 1000 years

The Greatest Baby Name Book EverThe Greatest Baby Name Book Ever
by Carol McD. Wallace

You are making a choice for your child that will last a lifetime. This book will help you with that delightful but often difficult decision by offering the most complete, up-to-date alphabetical listings available. To help make your choice easier, you'll find additional information, including: history and meaning, popular variations, traditional and unusual names, and more.

The Umbrellas: Japan-USAThe Umbrellas: Japan-USA
by Christo, Jeanne Claude, Wolfgang Volz, photographer

A very special edition by the artists who very recently had miles of "arches" installed in Central Park, New York City, and have famously tied up Berlin's Reichstag with miles of silvery fabric, wrapped the Pont Neuf in Paris, and circled the islands in Biscayne Bay with flamingo pink fabric. Here are maps, sketches, diagrams and photographs of the specially designed umbrellas, on location meetings with officials and landowners whose property would be used for the installation. And the project in gorgeous fruition: Hundreds of color photographs of azure blue umbrellas in Japan and sunflower yellow ones in California.

Umbrellas historyUmbrellas
(Household History series)
by Judith Pinkerton Josephson

Presents the history of umbrellas and includes an explanation of how they work, how they came to be, and how their purpose and popularity have changed over time. For a young reader, and chock-full of information about the evolution, design, and art of umbrellas. The use and significance of umbrellas in Asian and African cultures. Numerous photographs.

Collectible EyeglassesCollectible Eyeglasses
by Frederique Crestin-Billet

Shows the full range of eyewear from opera glasses to extreme sports goggles. And how quickly the merely practical became stylish and, now, a trendy fashion collectible! Divided into sections on antique glasses, sunglasses, classics and contemporary designs as well as everyday frames and a very special section on unusual designs and whimsical frames. Over four hundred annotated color photographs, accompanied by an informative introduction and a list of useful websites.

Eyeglass RetrospectiveEyeglass Retrospective: Where Fashion Meets Science
by Nancy Schiffer

An overview for identifying and dating vintage eyewear for the growing numbers of collectors. Examples of eyewear from the sevententh century to the present are shown in over 600 color photos and explained in an engaging text. Bifocals, monocles, pince-nez, fanciful and safety styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Broadway: The Golden AgeBroadway: The Golden Age on DVD
Rick McKay, Director & Producer

The reviews are extraordinary! Personal, less a history of the great white way than a series of impressions and memories shared by more than one hundred stars, composers, playwrights, and directors, from Angela Lansbury and Carol Channing to Stephen Sondheim. Interspersed with rare and precious film clips, the cumulative effect is EXHILARATING AND DEEPLY MOVING to anyone who cares about the theater. Consider it a mini NATIONAL TREASURE! It's like having 100 aunts and uncles sit and tell you GREAT STORIES about a long-gone time and place that you just know you would have loved being a part of... who haven't lost a shred of their CLASS and STYLE in 40 or 50 years.

Visit the site.

History of CarolsSpirit of Christmas: A History of Our Best-Loved Carols
by Virginia Reynolds, Lesley Ehlers

Beautifully put together. Just to look at it is inspirational. The pictures are spell binding, the written history of the songs are captivating, so very informative and easy to read. The enclosed high-quality CD is so spirtual that you feel you are in a gothic cathedral. The music gives you chills of spiritual bliss within. It is a sincere gift of heartfelt angelic magical inspiration.

The Fine Art of Prescribing GlassesThe Fine Art of Prescribing Glasses
by Benjamin Milder, Melvin L. Rubin

Award-winning text can help every clinician – beginning and experienced – have more satisfied patients. It is easy to read with real, hilarious cases to explain the optics. The authors have a great sense of humor. Believe it or not, optics can be funny. Best Medical Book of the Year award (American Medical Writers Assn).

Dickens' A Christmas Carol: With DoreA Christmas Carol: With 45 Lost Gustave Dore Engravings
by Charles Dickens, Gustave Doré

The point of this publication, supervised by Dan Malan, of The Classics Collector magazine, is the presence of "45 lost engravings by Gustave Doré" along with 130 other Victorian illustrations. Doré did a fine job; his ghosts are the scariest, his poor the shabbiest, and his Scrooge the meanest.

A Christmas Carol on DVDA Christmas Carol (on DVD)
Turner Home Video
Directed by David Hugh Jones
Starring, Patrick Stewart

Standing out in the crowded field of screen adaptations of the classic is hard to do, but this version pulls it off. When a transparent Jacob Marley walks through Ebenezer Scrooge's apartment door, you know you're seeing something both timeless and contemporary. But the performances are what really power this 93-minute TNT interpretation. Patrick Stewart brings a depth to Scrooge that allows the character to go beyond the cartoonish qualities that have made him a Christmas mainstay.

also available on Video

A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol (The Whole Story)
by Charles Dickens, William Geldart, Bill Geldart

A collector's item

William Geldart provides amazing new illustrations, in watercolor-and-ink cross-hatching, that capture the shivery drama as well as the comedy of the timeless story. There are also tiny reproductions of period pictures, fully captioned, with fascinating historical and biographical notes about Dickens' own childhood and the social conditions of his time.

Let's Face The Music and Dance, CDLet's Face The Music and Dance
by Fred Astaire

This is a CD to treasure. While Mr. Astaire did not possess the most golden pipes of his day, there is something really enjoyable about his approach to a song that makes his music endearing and enduring.

Custom Closets: Organize and BuildCustom Closets: Organize and Build
by Herb Hughes

Is your closet in a constant state of disarray no matter what you do? With a little help from this book, it doesn't have to be that way. Solve storage troubles by designing and installing an organizer system or through expansion and construction. Learn how to customize a prefabricated or hand-built organizer. A variety of projects that show how to build a reach-in, walk-in, or freestanding units from scratch. Step-by-step instructions. Join the many who have achieved the perfect closet.

Making FacesMaking Faces
by Kevyn Aucoin

For more than a decade, Kevyn Aucoin has been the makeup artist of choice for fashion and entertainment royalty. But Kevyn believes that makeup gives everyone the power to transform themselves and try out new personas. He starts with unbeatable tips on the basics of makeup application and technique. Then he shows you how to use these fundamentals in all kinds of interesting and unconventional ways, with step-by-step directions.

Make-Up: Fresh Ideas for Fantastic LooksMake-Up: Fresh Ideas for Fantastic Looks
by Bernadine Bibiano

If you are trying different make-ups for the first time-this is the book to buy. Rather than just matching colors with tones, it goes deeply into applying and techniques. Not outdated, as it also goes into glitter, shimmers, and even fake eyelashes. Great for the beginner and fashionable.

Closets: Designing and Organizing the Personalized ClosetClosets: Designing and Organizing the Personalized Closet
by Patricia Coen, Bryan Milford

Frequently surprising, often elegant, and always adaptable solutions to contemporary closet design. With informative text and over 100 full-color photographs, Closets looks at everything from how to fold your clothing most efficiently to how to evaluate storage space and how to ensure adequate air circulation. From the kitchen cupboard to the luxury walk-in clothes closet, here are the ultimate ideas for personalized closet design.

The Blue JeanThe Blue Jean
by Alice Harris

Ranging from the early days when miners wore them for protection and durability to today's hottest movie stars and singers, jeans have always covered our asses with practicality, style, and affection. The Blue Jean is a fascinating journey of rediscovery, in pictures and words, of our history with jeans and our love affair with them and a long-overdue appreciation of this iconic piece of clothing, sure to appeal to anyone who's ever worn a pair of jeans.

by Millicent Safro and Diana Epstein

Haughtily beautiful or whimsically irreverent, buttons are a unique mirror of changing fashions in dress and the decorative arts through the centuries. With a foreword by acclaimed artist Jim Dine and a preface by best-selling author Tom Wolfe, both devoted buttons aficionadoes, this book appeals to the serious collector and casual enthusiast alike.

Learn about the authors' Tender Buttons stores in Chicago and New York.

1001 Great Gift Ideas1001 Great Gift Ideas: The Gift-Giving Organizer
by Jane A. Brody (Editor)

An excellent and very unique resource for gift-buying, and a lot of fun to read, as well. Everyone gives and receives gifts, but this is the only publication of this kind. The anecdotes are heartwarming and funny, and the book itself would be a great gift for anyone.

You Shouldn't Have!You Shouldn't Have!
by Leah Ingram

Choosing the right gift can be a nerve-racking experience, that can sap gift giving of all its joy. You Shouldn't Have! helps put the joy back into gift giving. Leah Ingram provides tips on how to come up with an original and appropriate gift idea for every occasion, recipient, and budget. Chapters cover traditional gift-giving occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, plus nontraditional events and celebrations.

Talk Your way Out of Credit Card DebtTalk Your way Out of Credit Card Debt
by Scott Bilker

Negotiating with banks is possible! In this book you will discover proven strategies, and build your confidence, while learning how to: get annual fees waived; lower your current interest rates; get late-payment, overlimit, and cash-advance fees waived, and much more. Scott Bilker's first book, the best-selling title, Credit Card and Debt Management, was reviewed and recommended by many notable sources, such as: The Motley Fool, Bank Rate Monitor, Investor Press and more.

The Giftionary: An A-Z Reference GuideThe Giftionary: An A-Z Reference Guide for Solving Your Gift-Giving Dilemmas...Forever!
by Robyn Spizman

Almost everyone at some point in their lives has been stumped at the prospect of buying a gift. Whether for a birthday, holiday, special event, or just to express our feelings, many of us continually struggle to find the unique gift no one has, one that won't be returned, and one that will be remembered forever. This guide is full of fabulous ideas and a must-have for anyone who's agonized over giving the right gift.

eBay For DummieseBay For Dummies
by Marsha Collier

This book contains all the basics needed for winning auctions. It covers everything from registration, bidding, selling and even setting up your own eBay store!

Credit Card and Debt ManagementCredit Card and Debt Management
by Scott Bilker

From reorganizing personal debt and saving money on interest payments to understanding savvy credit usage and money management skills, Bilker provides many excellent tips on credit cards. This is the perfect book to give to a young adult or to someone in their 20s just beginning to understand how debt works.

Finding Your Roots OnlineFinding Your Roots Online
by Nancy Hendrickson

While other guidebooks to online genealogy provide a multitude of Web sites, none of them tells readers how to use and analyze the sites themselves. This book is the first to offer readers a step-by-step reference for using the Internet effectively in genealogical research.

Trash To CashTrash To Cash
Videotape with Lynn Dralle

Ms. Dralle is a third generation antique dealer who sells up to twenty thousand dollars a month at online auction. Follow her as she buys a carload of stuff! Learn the strategy of what to look for and how to bargain for the best deals.

Elvis Day by DayElvis Day by Day
by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen

A chronology of the Elvis story, Guralnick and his collaborator, archivist/record producer Ernst Jorgensen, were given access to 35 tons of Presley flotsam that included everything from his first income tax return to a mother lode of unpublished candids. Freed from a narrative structure, the authors chronicle the cultural icon through snippets that capture the mundane and remarkable.

The Fall of Advertising and The Rise of PRThe Fall of Advertising and The Rise of PR
by Al Ries, Laura Ries

This father and daughter author team spend the first part of the book discussing how advertising has lost credibility among consumers and the second part showing how how PR supplanted it in effectiveness.

Almost ElvisAlmost Elvis: Elvis Impersonators And Their Quest For The Crown

There are many performers in this light-hearted documentary that travels to Las Vegas, the mecca for all Elvis impersonators. This video provides a consistently funny look at people who just can't get enough of Elvis.

I, Elvis: Confessions of A Counterfeit KingI, Elvis: Confessions of A Counterfeit King
by William McCranor Henderson

This book examines the phenomenon of Elvis impersonation. It provides entertaining and informative insights into this odd twist in American popular culture.

by Dale Durfee (Photographer)

If you are into tattoos, this is the book to buy. The pictures are full color, full page and beautiful, covering the basic to the outrageous and everything in between.

The Legend of The Teddy Bear
by Frank Murphy

A book that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the teddy bear, focussing on the origins of America's favorite stuffed toy.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas
Bear Stays Up for Christmas
by Karma Wilson, Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

Bear's friends are determined to keep Bear awake for Christmas! How a surprise visit from someone very special gives Bear and his friends a Christmas to remember makes an enchanting holiday story. It teaches the meaning of sharing and caring, that giving is one of the best Christmas presents!

by Jim McCann, Jeanne Benedict

Celebrations is a beautifully illustrated book that brings families and friends together for a year of happy occasions with unique, modern, historical and traditional touches.

Coming After Oprah: Cultural Fallout in the Age of the Television Talk Show
by Vicki Abt, Leonard Mustazza

A study assessing a decade of talk shows. This book looks at the evolution and cultural significance of all talk shows, disputing claims that they are nothing more than harmless entertainment.

Holidays: Recipes, Gifts and DecorationsHolidays: Recipes, Gifts and Decorations: Thanksgiving and Christmas
by Martha Stewart

Even if you are not planning a large holiday party or feast, you will still find Martha Stewart's book useful for information on homemade gifts, gift wrapping and wreaths and garlands. Beautiful photographs tempt and inspire.

The Way We Never WereWay We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap
by Stephanie Coontz

From "a man's home was his castle" to "traditional families never asked for a handout," this provocative book explodes cherished illusions about the last two centuries of American family life to expose the falseness, sentimentality, and self-righteousness of our accepted familial morays.
If you've been wondering why your family is not 'right' read this book.  
. . . Karen Sacks

Nostalgia SourcebookNostalgia Entertainment Sourcebook: The Complete Resource Guide to Classic Movies, Vintage Music, Old Time Radio and Theatre
by Randy Skretvedt, Jordan R. Young (Editor)

A highly recommended directory focussing on the obscure, hard to locate, unusual or forgotten materials of the entertainment industry.

Telling the TimeTelling The Time
by Rupert Matthews, Kevin W. Maddison, Joanna Williams, Stefan Chabluk

This book offers good narrative and pictorial descriptions of how the measuring of time evolved from hunter/gatherer time to present day digital time. There are several projects (making a sundial, water clock) that are simple enough for any preschooler to do with adult help; older kids could easily do these on their own.

Casablanca posterCasablanca poster
A Classic!

You can get this and other great posters of old films at

Steps In TimeSteps In Time
by Fred Astaire

This autobiography is chock full of interesting tales about Hollywood in its golden years. A must for any Fred Astaire fan! The story of his triumphs and tragedies

Dieting for DummiesDieting for Dummies
by Jane Kirby

This book offers basic, reliable facts about dieting and weight loss. The content is easy to grasp and the writing is lively, friendly and down to earth.

100 Years of Hollywood100 Years of Hollywood: A Century of Movie Magic
by Carol Krentz

This lavish volume chronicles a century of movie magic with telling profiles of Hollywood's greatest legends and an examination of the greatest films Hollywood has ever made. It contains more than 150 stunning photographs and fascinating insights into filmmaking history and trends.

Winter BluesWinter Blues
by Norman E. Rosenthal

Author Norman Rosenthal covers all aspects of the personal affective disorder known as "winter blues." He tells how to self diagnose and overcome it with the help of various treatments

Television Secrets for Marketing SuccessTelevision Secrets for Marketing Success
by Joseph Sugarman, Dick Hafer (Illustrator)

This book unlocks the secrets of how to sell any product or service. It helps you understand whether or not you have a good product and how to select the best format for selling it.

Thrift ScoreThrift Score: The Stuff, the Method, the Madness
by Al Hoff

Al Hoff has written a funny, useful book packed with information about the joys of thrifting. It provides useful information on all aspects of the "second-hand" phenomenon in this country.

Outdoor Advertising: Watch This SpaceOutdoor Advertising: Watch This Space
by David Bernstein

Author Bernstein traces the tradition of outdoor advertising from the late 19th century to the present day. His earliest examples include the works of such greats as Toulouse Lautrec.

Guilty Pleasures of The Horror FilmGuilty Pleasures of The Horror Film
by Gary J. Svehla (Editor), Susan Svehla (Editor)

Author Gary Svehla has written a book which is both fast reading and fun. Opinions are controversial and cutting-edge as he defends such maligned horror film classics as King Kong, Rodan and The Flesheaters, just to mention a few.

The Time of Your Life, VideoThe Time of Your Life
H.C. Potter, Marlene Ammes, James Cagney, James Barton

Video, also in DVD

A little known but very interesting video from 1948 that features several members of the Cagney family (brother William and sister Jeanne). Based on a play written by William Saroyan about a group of lovable eccentrics, The Time of Your Life is a story of pipe dreams and, despite bad reviews, the film was actually a hit, grossing more than 1.5 million dollars at the time of its release.